Ace Capital’s philosophy is to establish a 'Total Wealth Management' approach utilizing state-of-the-art technology. This helps to potentially increase the probability clients will obtain their financial goals and objectives. Total Wealth Management stems from four key realizations which are:


'Active Investing' is necessary to take advantage of constantly changing investing climates




'Diversification' across asset classes is not enough to sufficiently minimize risk





'Liquidity' has never been more important, especially when considering unforeseen life changes




'Success' must be redefined as more than just yield in order to account for personal factors such as: risk management, opportunity costs, asset growth, and practicality


These realizations led Ace Capital to implement a unique investment methodology as the foundation of every ‘Total Wealth Management’ plan called Sector Based Institutional Volume Trend Following Analysis.

This unique methodology is the algorithmic processing of institutional long-term supply and demand utilizing robust trading systems across a broadly diversified set of markets. Our methodology focuses on capital preservation while attempting to provide positive annual returns.