Ace Capital is unique because our investment methodology is not your main stream way of managing money. Our firm uses a process called Sector Based Institutional Volume Trend Following Analysis. This process looks at Institutional Supply and Demand, not price action or the trend of price. Our methodology responds to the volume of the market sectors, something which is rarely considered by investors in our opinion. It is a systematic (i.e. rules-based) investment approach that focuses on capital preservation while attempting to provide positive annual returns in both bull and bear markets.

A client will get started by inputting information into our system via an interactive questionnaire such as current age, desired retirement age, financial circumstances, investment goals and objectives, etc. Based on the information provided, the software will determine and recommend the client’s risk tolerance based model portfolio and create a roadmap to guide the client’s investment management account. The five different risk tolerance based model portfolios are:

  • Income Model – Portfolio is designed and managed with the dual goal of providing a higher level of income while preserving capital and maintaining the possibility for moderate appreciation.
  • Conservative Model – Portfolio is designed and managed with the goal of preservation of capital and inflation protection.
  • Moderate Model – Portfolio is designed and managed with the goal of minimizing losses while maintaining growth opportunities.
  • Growth Model – Portfolio is designed and managed with the goal of short & long term capital appreciation.
  • Aggressive Growth Model – Portfolio is designed and managed with the goal of capital appreciation with little concern about short-term fluctuations in value.

The model portfolios listed above will possess a mix of investment strategies managed by Ace Capital. The purpose of these different investment strategies is to attempt to provide investment downside protection in a falling market and investment appreciation possibilities in a rising market, by exchanging investments upon buy and sell signals generated by the strategies. The investment strategies offered by Ace Capital include: 

  • Tactical Equity Strategy
  • Tactical Bond Strategy
  • Tactical Alternative Strategy


If there is one thing you should always remember about Ace Capital is that we are nimble, tactical and proactively keeping the potential for positive returns in our favor. If you have additional questions please reach out to us directly.