HR Department Folks

Stop being a financial planner

HR is typically where people will go when they have questions about their retirement plans. Giving financial advice to your employees is not only time consuming and stressful, it's also a huge liability issue! Take back your time and peace of mind. Let Ace Capital handle it for you.

Get a better plan, without changing a thing

With Ace Capital, you get to keep the plan you have now, no need to change a thing. We just step in and use the resources you already have and turn it into something even better.

Give them a different kind of benefit

Everyone loves a strong benefits package. It reduces turnover and keeps employees happy. Ace Capital is a unique benefit that can really make a difference in people's lives.

Increase participation

When employees see that their 401(k) is managed by a team with a proven track record, they'll be more likely to make contributions, and in turn build a better future for themselves.

Save money

With increased participation, comes increased assets in the plan. With increased assets, comes reduced costs per employee. With more participation, you'll also see lower employee and employer payroll taxes. It really is a win-win.

Forget those costly retirement seminars

Trying to teach your employees about retirement investing is a good idea. But most people get overwhelmed and don't learn much from once a year seminars or lunch-and-learns. Skip all that, and let Ace Capital do the heavy lifting for them so they can focus on their jobs.

Meet your policy guidelines

We don't just tell your employees the best ways to invest, we do it for them. We'll handle everything, and get them the highest returns we can.