Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a new member. Is it prudent to place an order immediately based on the current investment positions posted on the Client's portal?

This is a question that is fielded quite often. The answer is, it depends on when the portfolio positions were purchased, where the market is currently, and the service selected. Please reach out to one of our representatives, who are on call 24/7, and we can help you decide which position(s) to buy or sell and come up with a plan.

Since I don't know how to trade, can you help me getting going?

YES! We are here to help you: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Please email or call to reach us.

The funds in my retirement account don't match what you recommend in the '401(k) & 403(b) Helper' service. What do I do?

Please ask your HR Department for a Fund List and either fax or email it to us and we will do what we call a fund mapping. Find the funds that will most accurately track our positions. This is a comprehensive service, so we are here to help make it as easy as possible for you.

Can I change between the "Do It Yourself" service and the "Professional Management Service", if I decide I would rather have your firm make all the trades for me?

At any time you can change between our services. We want our firm to be as involved in the investing process as you choose us to be, and giving our clients choices is the entire purpose behind our design. At any time you can change between our services. We want our firm to be as involved in the investing process as you choose us to be, and giving our clients choices is the entire purpose behind our construction.

When do you plan on raising your prices?

It’s simple: we DON'T! Successful investing should be more than affordable: it should be reasonable.

What happens if the owner decides not to do this anymore? What does the succession plan look like?

Because we are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, there is a disaster and recovery procedure in place. If something happens to the current owner, there are two sons in the ballast that will take over. Everyone has been trained to operate our services and compile the data that makes the buys and sells for our strategies.

Do you use any type of leveraged investments?

In the “Tactical Equity Strategy” we do use leveraged investments. The most leverage we use though is 1.5X. The point of leverage in this portfolio is to take the largest advantage of a long/buy signal as possible.

How long have you been offering your service on this website?

The website was built in 2015. However, we have been providing services to clients and financial advisors since 2006. The methodology used here has been used by institutional firms since at least the 1980's.

Do you use an automated trading system?

NO, we do not use an automated trading system. The methodology used to make the buy/sell recommendations is based on Sector Based Volume Trend Following Analysis. However, there is no personal discretion used. There are sets of rules and they are always followed.

Do you offer short-sell signals to take advantage of downturns in the market?

Yes we do. There is a point in the market where the probabilities will increase to a level that demand a short position be taken. The only portfolio in which a short will be taken is the 'Tactical Equity Strategy'.

Would you recommend placing a high percentage of my investment portfolio under your programs?

Yes, because the methodology we use here was designed with two goals: to reduce risk and to increase return to the highest degree possible. If you are having thoughts about an entire financial picture then we can help you determine just how much should be invested in totality and how much should be put in guaranteed type products for safety.

Do you use Stops?

No we do not. Stops are a waste of time and energy. Putting a stop on an investment is showing the world where they need to drive an investment before they can take advantage of you. Always remember that the market is more flexible than anyone is liquid, so don't give the competition any advantage at all.

What is your time horizon on a trade?

The time horizon can range from a few weeks to a couple of months. None of our strategies are day-trading strategies.

Are your trades verified by an independent company?

This is something we are in the process of working on and will have an independent auditing solution in place in the very near future.

When will I get a signal update?

The client portal is constantly being updated. If there are any changes we send an email the day of the trade before 9:30am. That gives all our clients the entire day to execute the changes to the portfolio.

Do other Financial Advisors use this service?

Yes, Financial Advisors do use this service to manage their client's assets.

Can you complete an entire financial plan for me?

Yes, we construct complete financial plans for individuals that include investment management and insurance. We can help determine what percentage of your portfolio should be guaranteed and which should be invested.